Sell My Car Fast with CarJeani!

Connect with over 150+ licensed dealers across Australia actively bidding to purchase your car.

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Selling your car has never been easier with CarJeani

Selling your car has never been easier with CarJeani Our straightforward and efficient approach ensures you secure the highest trade-in value for your vehicle. Enjoy the convenience of listing your car with no obligations and zero fees unless we close a deal. Sell with CarJeani for an simple and rewarding experience.

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Enter Your Contact Details

Provide your contact details to start the process. Our friendly team will reach out with an estimated price and guide you through the listing process.

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List Your Car

Relax as over 150+ serious Dealers compete to bid on your car.

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Get Paid Quickly

If bids exceed your reserve, we’ll introduce you to the winning buyer. Organize a pickup time and receive payment swiftly.

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Sell Your Car With Ease and Efficiency

Experience a seamless selling process that guarantees an exceptional trade-in value for your car with CarJeani. Choose CarJeani and access our extensive network of over 150 trusted wholesale car buyers, all eager to offer you the best deal.

Forget worries about scammers or unknown visitors. Our exclusive collaboration with certified and licensed motor dealers ensures your safety and peace of mind. Sell your car effortlessly and with confidence today with CarJeani.

Why Sell My Car with CarJeani?

Our 24hr bidding system showcases your car to top Dealers nationwide, ensuring you get the best possible price.

Quick Car Sales


Receive genuine offers quickly after listing, with fast payment. No roadworthy required.


Secure the Best Value


Connect with over 150+ licensed serious buyers ready for immediate purchase. We handle negotiations for a stress-free experience.


Hassle-Free Experience


Enjoy a simple, contactless online process with local customer support. Sell your car safely from your home.

Safe and Secure


Avoid scammers and unexpected visits by connecting with trusted, licensed buyers only.


Cost-Free Listing


List your car worry-free — no sale, no fee, with absolutely no hidden advertising costs.

Discover the Simple Way to Sell Your Car with CarJeani

Navigate the easy path to selling your car with CarJeani. Skip the hassle of multiple dealerships and endless negotiations. Our process starts with a free listing of your car, followed by us handling all negotiations.

We leverage our broad network of over 150 dedicated wholesale car buyers to ensure you receive a competitive and fair offer.

After accepting an offer and the success fee, we connect you with the buyer for a free vehicle collection and smooth payment process.

Sell your car effortlessly and with confidence with CarJeani, where convenience meets reliability.

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5 Factors Affecting Your Car’s Value

  • Local Market Insights: We specialize in the Australian market, acknowledging price variations by state.
  • Data-Driven Valuations: Utilizing sources like Carsales, Redbook, and Facebook Marketplace for retail price calculations.
  • Cost Deductions: Subtracting dealer costs for showroom preparation, including a profit margin of 15-25%.
  • Reserve Price Guidance: Offering a reserve price as a safety net, aiming for a higher sale price.
  • Personalized Valuation: We recommend consulting with our team for a valuation tailored to current market conditions and your car’s details.

Sell My Car in Australia: Our Network Acquires Vehicles Throughout the Country

Enjoy a stress-free experience selling your car in Brisbane and its broader areas, thanks to our vast network of expert car buyers. Our service effortlessly links you with reputable buyers in Brisbane and beyond who are keenly looking for cars just like yours:

  • Brisbane

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Adelaide

  • Perth
  • Queensland

  • New South Wales

  • Victoria

  • South Australia

  • Western Australia


How do I decide the reserve price?

During our teams initial call with you, we will learn about the conditional of your car and run it through our value estimation process.

  1. We calculate the retail price using various sources, Carsales, Redbook, Facebook marketplace. 
  2. We minus the costs a dealer would have to pay to get your car ready for their showroom(including a profit margin, usually 15-25%)
  3. Once calculated, we will present you with the reserve price we recommend. Remember, this number is the WORST case scenario as we HOPE to achieve a result above your reserve.


calculates the estimated value of your car based on the specifics you provide, including make, model, year, odometer reading, condition, and so forth. This estimate reflects the current Australian market value of your vehicle.


For online car estimates, CarJeani employs data from reputable sources, coupled with additional intelligence. However, for the most precise valuation of your car’s worth, we recommend speaking with one of our experienced team members. They can provide a personalized and more accurate price guide based on real-time data and your vehicle’s unique details.

What paperwork do I need to prepare?

Nothing at all. The winning Dealer will organize all  the necessary paperwork ready for completion and signing when they come to pickup and pay for your car.

What are CarJeani’s fees?

CarJeani charges a minimal success fee only when you accept an offer from the winning buyer for your car. Our transparent pricing ensures no hidden surprises; we earn our revenue solely when your vehicle is successfully sold.

If there’s no sale, there’s no fee. It won’t cost you anything.

With CarJeani, you enjoy:

  • No listing fee

  • No advertising fee

  • No transport costs

  • No roadworthy required

  • No deal = no fee

  • No unpleasant surprises

How do I get paid when I sell my car?

All Buyers are Licensed Motor Dealers and will organize payment with you directly. In most cases they will ask you for your BSB and Account number during the in-person inspection and will pay directly.

Sell My Car Fast with CarJeani!

Connect with over 150+ licensed dealers across Australia actively bidding to purchase your car.

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