Why Choose CarJeani? Simplifying Your Dealership’s Buying and Selling Experience


For Buyers:

  • Access Off-Market Gems: Dive into a vast pool of private seller cars not available on the traditional market.
  • Pioneering Wholesale Online: Experience the first-of-its-kind opportunity to buy cars directly from wholesalers online, opening a new frontier in vehicle sourcing.

For Sellers:

  • Streamline Trade-Ins: CarJeani offers the simplest route to offload your trade-ins, transforming how you manage your inventory.
  • Boost Efficiency & Profits: Say goodbye to endless phone calls. Our platform enhances your wholesale operations with fewer calls, fetching higher prices for your vehicles.

CarJeani Advantage:

  • Connect with over 150+ licensed dealers.
  • Zero registration or subscription fees.
  • Brisbane-based dealer support, available 7 days a week.


Join CarJeani’s exclusive dealer network today and transform your buying and selling strategy!


Ready to Get Started?

Dive deeper into how CarJeani streamlines the buying and selling process for dealerships. Visit our How It Works page to explore a step-by-step guide that makes navigating our platform a breeze.

Got questions or need assistance?

Our team is available to answer your queries and provide support.

Reach out to us at contact@carjeani.com or chat with one of our team members directly at 0400 427 080